The Richard Jefferies Museum is set in a beautiful old farmhouse on the edge of Swindon, complete with outhouses, gardens and an orchard, and is dedicated to bringing the wonders of literature, nature and the arts to as many people as possible. With our Mulberry Arts project we are particularly determined to bring young people into the museum... it doesn't take them long to figure out how wonderful it is.

This unique old farm was the family home and birthplace of Victorian nature writer Richard Jefferies (1848 and 1887), who was passionate about the place and about the rich natural world that existed in and around it. In his short life (he was 38 when he died of tuberculosis), Jefferies produced a huge array of literary works, including detailed accounts of his beloved countryside; novels; children's books (later illustrated by Winnie-the-Pooh artist E. H Shepard); articles for local and national press; and even post-apocalyptic fiction.